7- Popular and trending designs for painting your staircase


One of the most innovative ways to make changes in the interior of your house is decorating and painting the staircase. Staircases are almost there in every house with two or more floors. A small and narrow corners that look dull and boring but with little creativity, you can give an all-new look to your old staircase and make it look stunning and gorgeous. Let’s see of the most innovative ideas to paint your staircase to make it look gorgeous.

1.     Innovative paint with messages

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This is the most creative ways to paint your staircase which will reflect your personality in a way. Yes, this idea will help you and inspire as you read each message. First, color the background with a white paint and select some of your favorite messages which you follow and apply in your daily life. Some of the inspirational messages, some sweet messages or some motivational one too. This idea is very unique which gives your stairs a valiant character. You can choose a bold color to first color the stairs fully, if you think bold is not your color, choose calmer colors like brown, lime, gray or yellow. And now paint the messages in each stride which will be visible as you take steps every time and offer a sweet smile on your face.

2.     The classic black and white theme

The all-time favorite black and white is always a great choice. It can make any dreary staircase lively and a style statement. But don’t go with the name, this one is really new and different from the old black and white color. An idea where you paint the stairs with black and white but there is some splash of color around the stairs so that it doesn’t make an average appearance. The color around will make the place and this corner of your house look vibrant and beautiful. This painting idea can be implied and is flexible in any type of houses whether big, small, modern or urban style. The advantage of this design is it can make any house look stylish and elegant.

3.     Rainbow Stair Risers

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The rainbow-colored stairs are for the people who love playing with colors. It looks stunning when you paint the stairs of your house with colorful rainbow theme paint. It will not only create a nice effect at your stairs but also give a nice overall appearance to your whole house. This one corner can spread a rainbow effect giving you the sparkling corner.

4.     Painting staircase wall

Many people do not like the idea of too much color and like to keep it simple and classy. If you are one of them and find the painting of steps is outdated or too messy, you can do with painting the wall as well. Yes, walls around and at the background can be made beautiful by painting it with some subtle and calming colors like green, cyan and with natural paintings. This can give an entirely natural look to the walls near the staircase and express the entire natural atmosphere all around. To make the stairs more prominent, give a nice colored stair carpet on it. You can use brown colored carpet to make the green appearance look more beautiful and high lighten.

5.     Painting Interior Stairs

Painting Interior Stairs

This is one idea to create an illusion with the paint in your interior stairs. It is very popular right now and trending ideas. For this, you have to first choose a theme which you want to get your stairs colored with. You can have a theme according to the season, festival, based on nature like waterfall and beautiful sky. This paint creates an illusion on your stairs with the theme as if you are experiencing the same.

6.     Pair it with wallpaper

Designing your stairs with some nice wallpaper can also give an all-new look to your staircase and is one of the trending design ideas. Do not worry about the wallpaper as it will come out with the step you take or as the time passes. You have to first paint every step with the color of your choice. Paint it with the same color or apply different shades of color in each step. And now some pattern with wallpaper at every step. If you are using different color at the steps, try to give some nice wallpaper to match the color combination. Do not forget to put a coat of clear varnish on the wallpaper to complete the look. One of the ways to compliment the look is you could match the wallpaper with the design of your entry as it will match up with your design of the house.

7.     Painted Circular Staircase Ideas

Painted Circular Staircase IdeasMany people have a circular staircase at their home, the spiral staircase which can be made interesting in so many ways. This kind of stairs looks modern, popular designs and gives a different look all the way. It also saves spaces as it goes vertical connecting to the next floor. Give this modern stair pop of colors by simply painting it with different hues. Oranges, mango, green, blue and pink will look really well and blends with each other on every floor. The small changes can make your house look really beautiful and new.

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