A Complete Guide on How to Choose Tiles for Bathroom


Bathroom is certainly the one place where you are most likely to find tiles. Although a lot of people take their bathrooms for granted, but if they look compelling enough, it could really become the place where you can unwind and relax after a long day at work.

Why Tiles?

When compared to other materials, tiles offer you a lot of variety. With them you can mold your bathroom décor the way you like, and in case if you are taking the help of an interior designer, you have the advantage of knowing precisely what you want. Either way, following all the points mentioned below would help you greatly.

1. Calculate the area to be tiled

area to be tiledIrrespective of whether you have finished construction your bathroom or whether you are looking to build one, probably the first thing that you might need to know is what goes where. For tiles, it’d be best if you roughly calculate the dimensions of the area where you want your tiles to be. Dividing that with the dimensions of the tiles would give you an idea about how many bathroom tiles you’d need. This could prove critical in putting things in your budget, which, in fact, is the next step.

2. Consider your budget

Let’s be practical, no one has an infinite budget, there are things that we can afford, and there are things that we can’t. So before selecting the tiles, it’s crucial that you ascertain how much you are willing to spend on your tiles.Your estimate should include all the labour expenses as well. If you have calculated the area to be tiled in the previous steps, and know how many tiles you need, you can at least fix the price range in which you want your tiles to be.

3. Do online research

online researchThis is something that you need to do way before you go to a shop. Tiles have multiple categories, each having its own advantages and disadvantages. There are the usual stone, quarry, glass, porcelain, and vinyl, or you could be creative and opt for stone-effect tiles, wood-effect tiles or something even more creative. It’s something that you must do because it’d let you know what is available in the market, so when you go to a shop you know whether they have what you are looking for or not.

4. Look around

If you’ve made up your mind to buy the tiles from a shop, we suggest that you first make a list of all the tile related within the vicinities of your region. Afterwards, go and pay a brief visit to each and every one of them and ask them for a catalogue for what they have along with the prices that they are offering. Keeping the variety and price as two variables, shortlist the best tile shops in your region, and go for them.

4. Choosing the right tiles

right tilesHere are some of the qualities that you need to have in the tile that you opt for.

  • Durability: Durability is the first thing that you should look for, before you even consider the design. There’s no point in buying a fancy tile if it doesn’t last long.
  • Easy to Clean: Just touching the surface would give you an idea about whether they are easy to clean. But along with that, you should make sure that they are not slippery, and also find out if any cleaning materials have an adverse impact on them.
  • Color and Design: Keeping in mind the orientation in which you would lay the tiles, shortlist the right color and design. If you aren’t sure, go online and take a look at pictures of bathrooms with tiles of the same (or at least similar) color and design.
  • Size: Although tiles have standard sizes, but simply recheck it just to be sure about them.

Final Word

If the steps mentioned in the article don’t help you make the definitive choice, it’d at least help you in narrowing down the options. With a relatively small number of choices in front of you, you could even ask your family and friends for their suggestions. Their preference could be of great help when you are looking to make the right choice.

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