Abooba climbing chair is a tiny playground for kids

Abooba chair

The Abooba chair by Korean designer Jaewook Kim is an upshot of study of a scenario in which a father wants to relax and relieve his fatigue by sitting on a chair and on the other hand, the kid wants to play or to be hugged by his father. The designer himself enjoyed the moments when he, as a kid, rode on his dad’s shoulders. Inspired by the same situation, Jaewook Kim has designed the Abooba chair (‘abooba’ means ‘piggyback’ in Korean). The Abooba chair lets a father sit and rest, with the kids having all the fun riding on something nearby him.

The climbing chair looks like a little playground where kids can enjoy along with their fathers relaxing comfortably. In order to make sure that the kids do not fall backward down, the designer has added some weights and more angles to the Abooba chair. The net, with proper grip, allows the kids to climb up the chair easily. Materials used are wood and rope.

Abooba chair by Jaewook Kim

Abooba chair by Jaewook Kim 1

Abooba chair Jaewook Kim

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