Allarinfusa wall mirror comes with Plexiglas trays for storing small items

Allarinfusa by Opinion Ciatti

After the Bel.Vedere mirror-cum-bookshelf, we have yet another interesting mirror design from the house of Opinion Ciatti. Designed by Bruno Rainaldi, the “Allarinfusa” is a contemporary wall mirror that comes complete with trays to hold and store small objects, such as your mobile phone, keys, coins or bills, or even plants. The modern mirror features white, black and matt red two-colored Plexiglas trays fitted with a practical black elastic band. The key hooks come in clear Plexiglas.

The accessorized panel with or without mirror is available in white or black faux leather. Perfect for use at home or in the office, the Allarinfusa wall mirror offers a wide range of configurations.

Allarinfusa by Opinion Ciatti 1

Allarinfusa by Opinion Ciatti 2

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