Styling and Tips for an Amazing Gazebo at Your Home

Adding a stylish gazebo to your garden or backyard is a great way to relax and enjoy outdoor scenery in style. A gazebo is a beautiful free-standing stone structure with an open framework and peaked/arched roof. This small space is to offer a relaxation area or a shaded shelter to protect you from the sun when you want to enjoy outside views on a hot sunny day.

If you’re looking for some inspirational ideas for gazebo designs for your garden or courtyard, here are few different styles of gazebos to choose from.

Tiered-Roof Gazebo

Just like a beautiful wedding cake, this gazebo style features tiered-roof along with vented cupola. It gives a classic feel to any garden area with its aesthetic design while offering an airy seating space to homeowners for relaxing outside. There are even open vents underneath each roof for better air circulation, keeping the area cooler for summer months.

Octagon Gazebo

It is eight column gazebo that’s hand-carved out of natural stone in shaped of an elegant dome. It not only adds beautiful element to any garden space but also offers a great space for a small family get together over a lunch or dinner.

Small-space Gazebo

Don’t worry, if there is not enough space in your garden. You can easily accommodate a small-space gazebo for relaxing outdoors. It can fit in any small area, moreover, with built-in seating space, you can allow three to four family members to sit together over a cup of coffee.

Portable Gazebo

A portable gazebo has a lightweight structure, which is easy to carry and re-locate to any desired open-space. Generally, portable gazebos have a steel frame with full truss design that resembles conventional stone gazebos. This structure is also water resistant and 95-percent UV resistant. Hence, it can withstand all climatic conditions with ease.

Wooden Gazebo

If you live in the middle of wilderness or simply love the texture of wood, a wooden gazebo certainly  is the best choice for your garden area. It looks absolutely elegant and also helps in enhancing outside view of your house. However, the wood need to be treated with termite-proof chemical to withstand atmospheric conditions.

Rustic Gazebo

For the lovers of industrial-style, a rustic gazebo may be a good outdoor unit. It can be made from rustic metal or rustic branches in form of a conventional gazebo structure. The roof can be kept open or covered up, of you need protection from the sun.

Tensile Gazebo

To enhance the beauty of your garden, you can add a charming tensile gazebo. It is usually made from  a tent fabric and designed to serve the same purpose like other regular gazebos. The only difference is that this one has a minimalist design layout and can even withstand daily wear and tear. Plus, it is resistant to fire sunlight, mildew and fading.

Corinth Twist Gazebo

Corinth twist gazebo has six columns made from sturdy granite. Even the floor is made out of matching granite along with wrought iron dome. The interesting thing about this gazebo style is its decorative design pattern that makes it appear like a piece coming straight from a royal palace.

Victorian-style Gazebo

Add a Victorian-style gazebo to your garden area for some classic appeal. It can be embellished with decorative iron brackets supported by some posts and rafters. There are no racks or rails to make it look more spacious.

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