Bathroom lighting tips for homeowners


Your bathroom is the most private part of your house. Here you are totally yourself without any shame or worry. You can relax here and enjoy a warm bath, get ready for parties or for work and spend some solitary moments contemplating this and that. Let’s admit it; the bathroom is one of the crucial parts of the house or even our lives. Bathroom lighting is a very important part of the decoration of this personal space. Without proper lighting you will not be able to see your fine lines or white heads, or put on the right lipstick. Lighting is also necessary for creating a soothing and pleasant ambiance  You should start with your budget and make estimates about the amount of money that you want to spend on the bathroom lighting. Different rules need to be followed for small and big bathroom lighting arrangements. In this article some simple yet vital tips for bathroom lighting will be discussed.


Lighting the Mirror

The first place that needs to be considered is the wall mirror. If your bathroom is of a moderate size then you must have a vanity mirror fixed to one of the walls. Task lights are the best options for lighting the vanity mirror because it helps you see things clearly while getting ready. You can get it fixed by an electrician at the top of the mirror or on both sides of it for proper illumination. You never know when you will need more light and when a dim light will be appropriate. Keep your options open by selecting a bright light and using dimmers for toning it down whenever necessary. Halogen and incandescent lights are best for this purpose.

Talk to the Experts

You should make an appointment with the lighting consultants before coming to conclusions. The lighting designers have experience in working with all sorts of bathrooms and they will be able to suggest the right bathroom lighting for you. If you tell them about your concerns and budget, they will find out lights which accommodate your needs successfully.


Layers of Light

Bathroom is the place of relaxation and it needs to look great. You can make your bathroom come alive by layering the lighting arrangement. This means that you should not depend on a sole light bulb or tube, rather create a nice atmosphere by using spot lights, task lights and ambiance lighting. The lights should be used for illumination and accentuating certain areas. Depending on your budget you can use a small chandelier or ball lights that will hang from the ceiling or embedded lights on the wall high up or behind a plant.

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