Perfect way to arrange furniture in a living room


Your living room is the reflection of your personality and your taste. Furniture arrangement differs from person to person, their taste, lifestyle, budget, and availability of space. Spreading furniture randomly in the living room doesn’t help. It should be arranged in such a way that living room becomes cozy nice space where some nice communication between people take place. It should have a visually pleasing style.

First and the foremost you need to plan how you want to arrange your living room. Make note of all the architectural features, wall plugs, switches etc. Avoid placing furniture in front of the switches or plugs, as they will come in way while accessing the outlets or switches.


Make a focal point

Arrange your furniture around focal point of the room. It can be an architectural detail, a T.V. set, a painting or anything that you feel will catch the eye. Make seating arrangement to get your guests’ attention towards that focal point.

Even spread of furniture

Spread the furniture in an even manner. Avoid placing all the furniture together such as against a wall. This will make conversation impossible. Create a conversation area. Arrange the sofas in L shape or U shape, depending upon how your living room is shaped. This will help in engaging guests in conversation as people will be seated facing each other.


Divide large room into smaller spaces

If the living room is too large it is always better to divide the room into smaller conversation spaces. You can use area rugs to define seating areas. After all you will not like people shouting at each other. Keep two sofas facing each other with a small coffee table in the center. Placing a small carpet or rug in the middle also helps.

Leave enough space

Leave enough space between the furniture for traffic lanes. Leave space for walkways so as to have minimum disturbance during conversation. Place sofas away from the walls. This will help in cleaning the room, as well as prevent sofas and walls from being damaged. Moreover, there will be ample space to walk around the central sitting area.


Set the mood with lightning

Keep a lamp in a corner. You can also have beautiful hanging light to enliven the mood of the room. A well lit room adds to the liveliness of the room. You can have an overhead modular lighting system.

Include a dash of color

A painting in bright colors or a huge rug with colorful patterns looks cool. You could paint a wall of the room in some bright color, or use textured painting. Place some colorful cushions on the sofas to add color and comfort. Pick up a stone, a shell from a beach, or any pottery and decorate the room with these personal items. These give a character to your living room.

Decorate your living room according to your taste. But it is important to keep it simple and not do too many things in a small space. Nowadays people prefer minimalist style. You do whatever adds to the comfort and general ambiance of the room; only remember, stick to the basic rules.

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