Beat the summer heat and enjoy your home outdoors (8 ideas)

 Set up outdoor showers

As summer approaches, your first reaction would be to close shop and move indoors to while away the hot sun for a couple of months. However, there is no need to stay cooped up inside the home with the air conditioner in full blast throughout the season. There are plenty of ways you can beat the summer heat and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones in your home’s outdoor living space. Here are 8 such tips that would help you prepare your outdoor space for the summer heat in a better way.

Add extra shade

A great way to spend some time in the backyard during a hot summer day would be to add some shade to the space. This shade can cover a part of the swimming pool, dining area or patio so that you can move under it for some time to escape the scorching sun. While a gazebo would be nice, you can opt for temporary solutions like canopies, tents or shade sails. Secure them to a support nicely and you have a beautiful, shady place to play and rest in, in the backyard.

Install misters

Another way to enjoy the outdoor space without letting the heat get to you during summer is to install misters in and around the area. These misters will release fog that can roll across the ground and the swimming pool, making these places much more bearable during a hot summer day.

Set up curtains on the porch

Curtains can offer plenty of shade to the backyard patio during summers. Better yet, they can offer utmost privacy for all those parties where you don’t want nosy neighbors to peep into. Choose tough outdoor curtains that can withstand the heat and wind for long periods without fading or tearing. If the patio becomes too hot to walk on, you can simply spread the curtain across the ground to double as a seating area.

Choose tough loungers

Standard loungers would tend to become faded and shabby after some time. So consider changing them to ones that are made of more durable materials like wicker or PVC fibers. These materials are UV resistant as well, thus protecting you from sunburns should you choose to relax on these loungers. Plus, they are cooler than standard lounge furniture made of wood or metal, and can be great additions to your outdoor summer parties.

Choose solar lights

Instead of incandescent lights, opt for solar lights to light up the backyard for those nighttime summer parties. Incandescent lights emit heat that can heat up the surrounding air faster, thus making it really unbearable even at night. Solar lights and LEDs on the other hand, can prevent this from happening and keep the outdoor area cooler for longer periods.

Wet the pavers regularly

The pavers surrounding the swimming pool can get really hot on a summer day. Hose down these areas with lots of water at regular intervals throughout the day to decrease their surface temperature by at least 40 degrees. Adjusting the sprinklers to sprinkle water on the pavers at regular intervals can also reduce the temperature of the pavers significantly. This way, you don’t need to worry about stepping on a scalding hot surface when exiting the pool.

Set up outdoor showers

This is a great way to keep cool while enjoying the outdoor space in your home during summer. Call a plumber and place an extra line for the shower near the pool. Be sure you set up a proper drainage system for the shower water run-off as well. This shower can be you savior on a really hot day when you want to spend some time outdoors without entering the chlorine filled pool.

Keep some ice cubes in hand

It pays to keep an ice box filled with ice cubes at bay in case you suffer from sunstroke or sunburn. Rubbing some ice cubes on your skin can keep you cool and hydrated while treating sun burns and preventing recurrences.

There is no need to remain indoors all summer for fear of the hot sun. With the help of a few tips and tricks, you can make your home’s outdoor space cooler and more comfortable during a hot summer day.

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