Funky and beautiful designs for outdoor showers

 Helio Portable Pressure Shower

Outdoor showers are a wonderful addition to your backyard. With portable outdoor showers, you are at ease of shifting the equipment easily and as often as you wish to. More and more trending designs are available these days, choosing the most suitable one is a challenge for many. There is a wide variety in terms of style, cost, material and shapes. Scanning a few models is a good idea before the purchase.

The portable outdoor showers are ideal for backyards, swimming pool areas and when camping out. During winters, these can be moved away to the storage facility. Since these are not expensive, you can buy one to enjoy the summer in the open.

Yacht-Shaped Showers

A cool design indeed, the yacht shower is as revealed by the name, in the shape of a stylish yacht. Named Velaro, the shower has been designed by Garvida. The base of this portable shower is wooden and sides are made of a special material called ‘Gardan’, which is a handcrafted fiber made of synthetic wick. This fiber has been specially designed for outdoor furniture. This synthetic wick is durable and easy to maintain. A shiny small showerhead is placed at the top.

Helio Portable Pressure Shower

Why should the campers be left out of showering in the wilderness? The company who develops tents and allied equipment for the adventure lovers – Nemo Equipment has created a portable shower for the bag packers. The shower has a fabric tank, which holds 11 liters of water. The best part is the foot operated pump, which does not need electricity or any fuel to operate. You need to tread the foot pump a couple of times during the shower to get a pressurized jet of water. The bag when kept in the sun warms up to give you a warm stream of water while bathing. You can enjoy showering for 5 to 8 minutes with a full tank, and then refill it to continue the fun.

Portable Backyard Shower

Contrary to its name, the shower can be taken anywhere. The cuboid like design of the machine is quite attractive and makes the on looker keen to know about it. The plastic canister shaped shower has a belt on top to carry or hang it to a tree or a hook. To add to the fun the shower is equipped with an electrical pump to give you a pressurized stream of water. The spout of the shower is retractable and a rechargeable battery powers the pump. The shower has a 12-liter water storage tank to deliver you with the joy of showering in the outdoors.

Cascade Minimalist Shower

The Cascade is one of the sleekest portable showers around. The base has acacia wood planks fixed to a galvanized steel frame. A sleek galvanized steel pole is erected on the base, which extends into a horizontal showerhead tube, declaring a minimal design. To supply water to the shower a garden hose can be connected to the rear of the base.

The shower can be taken around with ease with the help of two nylon wheels also on the rear of the base. The wooden base not only looks cool but also gives comfort to the bare feet. The showerhead expels a water curtain stream to mesmerize your senses. The Cascade minimalist shower by TradeWinds features a stylish design and is convenient to move around, a sensible choice.

Make use of a portable outdoor shower to enjoy the summer at the convenience of your home or at a camp. You can always put away the equipment when ever not in use.

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