Best elevator storage cabinets for smart kitchens

Storage is the thing uppermost in your mind when you design a kitchen. Kitchen shelves can be utilized with some clever storage ideas, like elevator storage cabinets. These cabinets are designed to fit into your kitchen cabinets, and you can store all your plates and spice containers and the heavy pots and pans efficiently. The sleek cabinets look great and you can easily pull them out to take out or store what you need, and push them up after use, inside your kitchen cabinet or pantry. You no longer have to balance precariously on stools to get something down. Check out some of these elevator storage cabinets for your smart kitchen:

HIGOLD Lift basket elevator up and down

This lift basket is available in wood and iron and is a cabinet organizer. The basket features a soft stop and is convenient to use. The high quality workmanship looks nice and the shelves have the capacity to withstand deformation and corrosion. This should make them last long. They come in different sizes and can fit in your kitchen shelves or your pantry. The stop system is soft stop which makes the lift basket easy to operate.This shelf can be an effective solution for your kitchen storage needs.

Freedom Automated Shelf Lift for Kitchen Cabinets


This automated shelf lift can fit into your existing kitchen cabinets – you just have to remove existing bottom and shelves and install the Freedom shelf. This shelf has a weight capacity of 88lb and is operated by motor i.e. it makes it possible for a person sitting in a wheelchair to get things down from the shelf. It can be stopped at the required height depending on the person using the shelf. This makes it convenient to use. You can keep dishes safely inside the shelves as the sides prevent them from falling out. A safety system is incorporated to prevent crushing.

Lift-Up and Down Mechanism I-Move


This shelf combines stylish design with functionality. Its usage is quite simple, allowing you to access your stored products with ease. It has two sizes – 900 mm and 600 mm and has the capacity to hold weights up to 18 lb / 8 kg. It’s made of grey metal with the bottom shelf in melamine and allows the bottom shelf to slide out. It’s designed in such a way that you have complete access to your stored goods at any time, with an increased view of them. The smooth and silent up and down lift up mechanism makes the shelf fit in well in your smart kitchen.



The lift is perfect to lift the heavy appliances in your kitchen to store them or to bring them down to your kitchen counter’s height when you need to use them. It requires a full height kitchen cupboard or you can custom make a shelf for it. It can lift up appliances up to 60 lbs, gently and silently due to inbuilt shock dampeners and “soft-close” function. This is an elevator shelf which fits your heavy duty appliances inside your kitchen cabinet, making space on your counter top.

Cozario Kitchen Unit


The Cozario collection of kitchen units has a number of elevator storage cabinets which can be used in various functions inside your kitchen shelves.The movable shelves can store your dishes, glasses, bowls and containers of different sizes.  The price is comparatively cheap and the material used to manufacture the units is durable and can last long. The shelves are quite strong and easy to use. These shelves are elegantly designed and are anti-corrosive. The kitchen units can be installed easily too. 

Soft-Down Cabinet System


This cabinet can fit into your upper kitchen cabinets. It can give you easy access to your upper shelves and you can adjust your pull down strength. It is available in dark and light grey colors which are trendy right now. The material is ABS, aluminum and steel, and can hold weights up to 36 lb / 16 kg. The shelf has special assigned space to plastic containers, cereal and dry foods.

These elevator shelves can help provide efficient storage solutions in your kitchen, and they can fit into your existing kitchen cabinets. The simple, easy to use shelves look good and are ideal for your kitchen.

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