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Most teens and pre-teens have smartphones these days, and their social life is more digital than real. IMs, images and videos, games and browsing different sites have become quite easily accessible on their android phones. As a parent, you would want to monitor your child’s internet usage, so that you are aware of any bullying or other potentially dangerous issues that your child may fall prey to. You can do this by installing tracker apps on their phones and monitor discreetly. Read on to find out about some tracker apps for android phones:

Norton’s Family Premier

It’s an android tracker app that allows you to monitor multiple android phones’ apps, location as well as the ability to web-filter. You can use this tracker app to remind your kids about responsible phone usage.

Net Nanny

This app can monitor one device at a time, but it is very effective. It blocks inappropriate images and sites, masks profanity and instead of blocking sites, completely offers the option of warning your kid about content of a site. Of course, you can block or review any app you deem unsuitable for your child.


This app gives you a huge amount of information about the way your kid is using his phone (up to 3 phones). It can monitor different age groups, but its features are quite handy with pre-teen phone usage. You can block people as well as apps and set time limits. It has a panic button which your child can use during emergencies. This android phone tracker app can give you peace of mind.


It’s an Android phone tracker online app which can be used to monitor Whatsapp. It can be controlled through an online panel which can be used from any Android phone, tablet or computer by logging in.

Free apps

Apart from these, you can find free android phone tracker apps online. These apps help you to monitor by being invisible, record incoming and outgoing calls, and lets you view MMS and SMS messages. You can track Facebook, WhatsApp and Viber, and can track the android phone even if the SIM card is removed. Free Android phone tracker apps let you know the location of your kid too.

Teaching kids about the dangers online

Setting rules about cell phone usage by limiting usage time. Let your kids know that you would be monitoring their phones for their safety. They need to understand the dangers online and how they can easily be misled by peers or strangers.

Smartphones can help in many ways, browsing the net for school projects, for instance, but they also distract your preteen or teen with attractive games and other apps. Teaching kids about responsible phone usage can help them to understand how to be safe online.

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