Reasons why your drains get clogged

Drain Clogged

Drain clogs are a fairly common occurrence in many homes. If you’re tired of battling difficult drains, take a moment to track down the likely cause of your clog. Taking preventive action is the best way to get rid of clogs and eliminate this regular maintenance task from your life.

Food Gets Past the Strainer

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, it’s important to use a strainer to keep food from washing down the sink. While this should minimize your problems, it may not prevent them entirely. Small food particles may still sneak in and congeal along with grease, dish detergent, and oil. If your kitchen sink is clogged with food, try these tricks:

  • Run hot water down the drain to help the clog soften.
  • Use a plunger. Make sure to cover the other drain if you have a double sink.
  • Turn off the water, remove the trap and waste arm, and snake the pipe to access the clog if it persists.
  • Use a chemical drain opener if needed.

Tiny Toys Get in the Tub

Children are prone to sneaking small toys into places where they shouldn’t. The bath is a fun place to play with all types of items, and kids may not understand the difference between something that’s safe for the tub and a toy that will slip down the drain.

If you have a toy stuck in your drain, remove the stopper and see if you can reach it with your hand or another tool. If it’s stuck farther in the pipe and can’t be dislodged enough to work its way through the pipe, it’s best to call a plumber from Capital Care Plumbing to access these tricky areas.

Drain Clog due to hair
Drain Clog due to hair

Long Hair Tangles in the Drain

You may think your hair is washing neatly down the pipes along with your shower water, but the reality isn’t usually so neat. Soap scum binds easily to masses of tangled hair, creating a stubborn clog in the drain pipe. This creates a recurring problem that those with long, thick hair are often very familiar with. A drain cover can stop hair before it gets to the pipe. To clear this clog:

  • Remove the drain stopper and pull out any hair that you can easily reach. Bend the end of an old wire hanger to create an impromptu drain cleaner hook to pull out hair that’s just beyond your reach.
  • Plunge the drain as needed, remembering to cover the overflow drain as you do.

People Flush Things They Shouldn’t

Too often, people assume that the toilet is powerful enough to flush just about anything away. Don’t get lazy with the items that you place in the toilet. Flushing the wrong items can cause a serious clog. Cotton-tipped swabs, baby wipes, and feminine hygiene products should go into the trash can, not the toilet. If these are flushed too often, you’ll find yourself regularly plunging or even snaking the toilet to deal with difficult clogs in drain.

Stay on top of potential clogs and take preventive measures to keep your drains clear and your home’s water running smoothly.

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