Blitz laser device cuts food into different shapes and sizes

Probably considering that there might be no knives in the kitchen of the future, Russian design student Andrey Kokorin has designed the Blitz, a conceptual laser device to cut food into different shapes, without the need for a blade. With the Blitz, the designer aims to address the problem of unsafe sanitary processing of cutting elements and their fast wear. All you need to do is to place the food into the plate holder and attach it to the device. With the help of a projected menu, the users can select the required command, such as the type of food, type of cut, the thickness of the cut and the division of food into equal shares. The Blitz laser cutter uses rotating rings lined with electromagnets and an internal microprocessor to cut food into desired shapes and sizes. Hit the jump to see the innovative Blitz cutter in action.


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