Bomers’ Nr.1 oak wood table seems to plant a tree in your living space

Nature has always been a great source of inspiration for designers looking to carve out something unique but at the same time natural. Drawing inspiration from an old big tree with dense branches spreading all around, designer Jeroen Bomers has developed an artistic dining table that gives a classic look to modern interiors. Dubbed after the designer as “Bomers’ Nr.1,” the handmade dining table employs a 200-year-old oak wood board as a table top to give it a rustic design.

Resting the wooden table top elegantly over hand curved steel bars that assemble in the middle and spread at the base to stay firm on the floor, the dining table seems to bring an old big tree right in the middle of your living space. Adhering to the roots of structural engineering, the oak wood table not just presents a unique design, but also recycles old wood to sustain the environment.

Via: Worldarchitecturenews

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