BRAUN MK-01 sound system meets all your music needs

In recent years we have witnessed portable music players flooding the market like anything. Keeping the audio reproduction and mobility needs of modern users in mind, Brazilian designer Antonio Celestino has designed a modular sound system named the “BRAUN MK-01” that the user can carry with him/her effortlessly.

Integrating four small speakers to ensure quality surround sound; the MK 01 connects to your mobile devices wirelessly to enjoy clutter free music anywhere, anytime. Powered by a separate battery pack located at the base of the system, each speaker makes use of Bluetooth technology to link them to the base as well as other gadgets. Each speaker works separately to connect various devices, with two USB ports and one SD Card connector, simultaneously.

Compatible with AirPlay to connect Apple gadgets, the speaker system lets you share files by hooking up your gadgets at the base. In addition, users can employ the MK 01 as an amplifier to produce their own music. All they need to do is connect their musical instrument such as electric guitars and bass through, the TRS ¼ inches port, to the sound system.

Charging the base and speakers via an AC adapter with retractable cable, the BRAUN MK-01 lets you manage connections, battery levels and equalizer with a built-in with a 5” touch screen interface. Users can simply rest speakers at the Base to power them wirelessly with minimum fuss. Place the speakers on a table or mount them on the wall, the modular sound system is sure to enhance your home decor.

[Cheers Antonio]

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