Break-e combines a toaster and squeezer in a single appliance

A glass of fresh juice and a buttery toast in the morning is all we need to sustain the long, hectic day. Combining a toaster and squeezer into a single product, the “Break-e” is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that lets you prepare a healthy breakfast. Capable of roasting four standard size bread slices, together with different types of bread and pastries, the utility toaster produces 600W power to prepare breakfast within no time.

Featuring a roasting box with three Teflon coated heating plates to avoid bread sticking or overheating, the toaster allows easy cleaning as the horizontal plates can be detached to wipe out the bread crumbs, while the gratings between the plates make toasts crispy from all sides. Users can remove the heating plates to roast larger slices of bread. Integrating a metal plate at the top makes a wise use of the waste heat for melting butter or cheese for the toast, the toaster comes built-in with a touch panel to set the cooking time and control the temperature of the heating plate.

Locating a compact squeezer (capable of generating 30W power) on extreme right to squeeze 0.8L of fresh fruit juice, the Break-e apart from being a functional product also presents an aesthetic design to go with the decor of  contemporary home where it can be used as a piece of art.

Via: James Dyson Award

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