Brigada’s coffee table elegantly stores all your living room clutter

Coffee Table by Brigada

Coffee table in a living room is usually an occupied piece of furniture where all the family members lay their portable gadgets and keys, together with news papers, books and magazines, which usually mar the decor of your living area. Addressing the issue, Croatia-based design studio Brigada has come up with an artistic coffee table that not only perks up your interior but also provides adequate space to store all your clutter elegantly.

Featuring a number of grooves, as an extension of the upper surface, to store newspapers and magazines, the creative coffee table also features a shelf underneath, which is lowered to the floor level, to clear the clutter from the surface. The grooves of the table neatly organize all your papers and magazines, while making their covers more visible, so your guests could access them with ease. Users can paint the inner parts of the table to personalize it according to the liking or match the home decor, though the exterior of the table comes in basic black color.


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