CES 2013: Best of Innovations honoree Switch 3-Way LED Bulb to make public debut

Switch 3-Way LED Bulb

Switch Lighting, a Silicon Valley form with a mission to replace the inefficient incandescent bulbs with affordable LED bulbs, has now announced to make the first public debut of its SWITCH 3-Way LED bulb at the CES 2013. The 3-Way LED Bulb was recognized as a CES “Best of Innovations” honoree in the Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies product category in October at the 2013 International CES Press Preview.  The Switch 3-Way is 25/50/75 watt-equivalent LED bulb that works in three-way lighting fixtures. The Switch 3-Way design uses up to 80 percent less energy than the incandescent bulb.

The three power settings lets users keep a tab on the light intensity, ambiance and the energy usage, without any changes in color temperature. Different levels of lighting (low, medium, and high) can be selected for different applications and moods with the flip of the switch. The SWITCH 3-Way uses the company’s patented LQD Cooling System and is up to 40 percent more effective at distributing heat and cooling LEDs than air-cooled bulbs.

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