Cleaning and Decluttering Tips to Bring Your Home Back to Life

Cleaning and Decluttering Tips to Bring Your Home Back to Life

If it’s been years or even decades since you said goodbye to all of the stuff taking up space in your home, or if you are going through your moving checklist, then it’s time for a hefty dose of decluttering and cleaning. While it might be overwhelming to think about where to even begin, like anything that might make you cringe at the thought of even getting started, a strategy can help you get going and get the job done in no time.

1.  The most difficult task is taking the first step

If you focus on everything that needs to get done, you might never begin and the most important step is to just get started. You can start by giving yourself a small goal, like decluttering your bathroom cabinets, and then use that small victory to build momentum and move forward with decluttering other rooms in your home. The bathroom is an ideal place to start as you can likely get this task done in one afternoon. Setting attainable goals in a defined amount of time can help you work efficiently to get through your clutter. 

2.  Change your mindset

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Saying you have to declutter your whole whom can be overwhelming. Deciding you will take away one box of clutter a day, means the project might take longer, but it will become a mindset shift. By working box by box, you can think about how you accumulate stuff in a new way and stop the clutter in its tracks before it gets into your home in the first place. Another strategy is to get rid of one item in your home first if you are going to buy something new. For example, decide you won’t buy a new pair of shoes until you get rid of one pair that is worn or that you haven’t put on in years.

3.  Embrace the Kon-Mari method

Marie Kondo made a name for herself by introducing the idea of only keeping items that “spark joy.” She recommends working through items by category, such as sweaters, and then picking up each item to see if you truly love it and want to keep it in your life. This is another mindset shift that will declutter your home now and could pay off when it comes to ending the clutter cycle. 

4.  Keep, Donate, Toss, Maybe

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If you have a lot of clutter, chances are some of the items have been sitting around for decades. It can be hard to say goodbye to something with sentimental value, like that mug your grandma gave you for your high school graduation, but getting hung up on whether or not you should keep something can weigh you down. If you create boxes for keep, donate, and toss, you can quickly sort items, and then at the end spend more dedicated time going through your maybe box. The faster you can get through decluttering, the more momentum you will build and the easier it will be to get the job done. 

5.  Celebrate Small Wins

Decluttering a whole house isn’t likely to happen in a day. Starting with a box a day and celebrating each box that you take out of your home — either to the trash, or a donation — will help you get an organized home in no time. Once you’ve said goodbye to all that clutter, you can start a hefty deep clean to really help your home look its best, and even get your home ready to sell.

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