Beginners Guide to Home Renovation: Cost and What to Expect

Beginners Guide to Home Renovation

When you decide to do a home renovation, you get excited knowing it’s an engaging and delightful process. Several YouTube videos, interior design magazines, creative Pinterest photos, and other sources are consulted to capture ideas focusing on innovation and space functionality. And maybe you already have an experienced renovation contractor in mind.

However, renovating a house is not as easy as it sounds. It involves significant planning and collaboration with experts to achieve the style that suis your taste. Similarly, how you undertake home renovation can make or break your property’s resale value, affect the quality of comfort you need, and impact your choice of building materials.

Your knowledge of what to expect during the entire process will help you achieve a cohesive theme for your space’s aesthetic requirements. After all, one of the primary reasons why you conduct renovations is your goal to impress family members, visitors, and colleagues, right?

This article will briefly highlight the importance of preparing for a home renovation, the things to expect while you’re in it, and how much you should prepare to ensure that it will produce the results you want.

Importance of Preparing for a Home Renovation

Home renovation is like making a monthly meal plan for the family. It is crucial to make everyone happy, healthy, and satisfied. Your home is your comfort space; it is where you seek solace after dealing with life’s struggles. See the following list of the importance of planning and researching before renovating your house:

  • To purchase the most suitable (and highest-quality) building materials
  • To hire the most qualified renovation specialists and contractors
  • To be updated with local renovation regulations and protocols
  • To discover cost-saving options (to make sure you stay within budget)
  • To guarantee safety, security, comfort, and overall satisfaction of you, your family, and your guests

Extra Tips

From window shopping to real-time purchasing, you need to be careful and patient. To level up your planning and organizing tactics, list everything you might think of doing. This can be as minor as changing your doorknobs to as major as transforming your kid’s bedroom.

Rat control in Toronto recommends you include a pest control clause in your contract with the renovators. You should also expect plumbing issues and seek the advice of a plumber in Bolton to help you prepare for these instances.

Additionally, keep your receipts of every purchase to keep track of all your expenses. Lastly, take the time to find the right team of renovation specialists to avoid being scammed and paying for costly mistakes. After all, you deserve a renovation project with as little stress as possible.

What to Expect

No matter how much you try to avoid it, renovation comes with drawbacks. Expect the following:

1.   Disruption of daily routine

You may need to sacrifice the comforts of a particular space for a while while the renovation process is ongoing. You may have to find temporary living quarters to perform your daily routines. For example, you move your kitchen appliances to another location so the contractors can conduct the work efficiently.

2.   Noise and mess

Nicholas Sparks once said, “It has to get ugly before it gets pretty!” During the home makeover process, expect noise and a lot of mess, too. The workers will also scrape off your walls and tear up your current wallpaper—a considerable amount of clutter and noise indeed.

Simple tasks such as installing your desired modern stairs require area measurements and various other processes. Daily chatters are part of their daily rituals and may distract you from working or meditating, too. It’s even better to consider temporarily moving out to give the workers free access to your entire space, and you won’t be disrupted with your daily activities.

3.   Delays

As you know, nothing is perfect, and your renovation is no exception, especially in terms of the timeline. Several factors contribute to a delay in your renovation project. Some workers might get sick, equipment breaks down, and production of fixtures encounter shortages and delays. When these things happen, don’t be too disheartened. You and the workers should shift gears and just focus on other things.

4.   Sudden changes

Everyone wants to stick to the original renovation plans. However, in a renovation context, “Change is constant” is highly applicable. For example, when renovating an old space, the demolition process might uncover hidden problems. These might include the presence of asbestos, old wiring, or plumbing problems that need upgrading, installation, or repair. These might also result in non-compliance with your local units’ current renovation regulatory requirements.

5.   Going over budget

You’ve done everything; you documented every minor and significant plan for your renovation, and your workers are proceeding with their job according to plan. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that your budget won’t be significantly affected. There might be changes in the pricing of your orders. You might be required to rent or buy the equipment you didn’t know you needed. The contractors might suddenly need money. When you encounter project delays, the labour cost will also exceed the original pricing budget you initially had.

Cost of Home Renovation in Canada

Multiple factors are involved when renovating a Canadian home, making it difficult to accurately estimate the renovation costs. Some of these factors include:

  • Labour
  • Property’s age
  • Space size
  • Project’s complexity
  • Building material quality
  • Extra fees

In addition, renovating your house doesn’t always mean that you need to do a full-on makeover. Sometimes, it’s just your basement, living room, kitchen, or other house areas. Here are some of the most significant house areas that you may consider upgrading along with their average renovation costs:

  • Kitchen ($25,000 to $50,000) – about $195 per square foot
  • Bathroom ($15,000+) – about $40,000 for a full-range renovation and $15,000 for standard renovation
  • Basement ($10,000+) – about $50 for a full-range renovation and $15,000+ for a standard renovation
  • Landscape ($5,000+) – depending on your garden size, it can cost anywhere up to $28,000 or more

If you’re planning on getting maple trees for sale in Brampton, for example, know the costs beforehand so you can add it to your budget.

Wrapping Up

Home renovation takes a lot of patience, planning methods, and commitment to ensure successful project implementation. In the hands of the right renovation company, you are assured of getting cost-saving options to ensure you are staying within your budget. After all, an essential part of doing a home revamp is your budget. For a smooth home renovation, conduct smart financial planning first and identify backup plans. You can save up, apply for loans for home improvement (or consider a cash-out mortgage refinance), or use credit cards. You can even take advantage of local utility companies’ offer of grants and rebates for energy-saving house renovations.

The bottom line is this: make it your responsibility to research ahead to avoid potential conflicts (delays and postponement) during the budgeting stage, regardless if you might spend over 20% or more of your original budget. Do your best to spend within your means, no matter how luxurious or inexpensive your renovation may be since you will only suffer later for it.

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