Compact hanging canvas sofa to experience a whole new comfort

hanging furniture by YOY_02

Don’t have adequate space to place extra chairs in your living room? Check out the latest canvas sofa by Japanese design studio YOY that you can hang on your wall, when not in use, to create more open space in your living area. Users can simply lean the sofa against the wall and place themselves onto it to relax and experience a whole new comfort. The sofa stretches into bigger dimensions, as soon as you apply weight onto it.

Displayed at Salone Satellite during 2013 Milan Design Week, the series of two-dimensional hanging furniture pieces is made using is made wood and aluminum, which is further wrapped in canvas-textured elastic to give it a trendy look. The trendy sofa/chair can be obtained in three different sizes, i.e. the hanging seats, love seat and sofa variations, to meet all the seating requirements of the user.

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