Contra modular building system by Wenchuman

Plywood, since its origin in Egypt over 5,000 years back, has been an integral part of home furniture, for it’s not only lightweight and durable, but also helps in sustaining the environment. Inspired by the flexible use of plywood, Chilean designer Wenchuman has come up with a building system named the “Contra” that presents a unique and creative design for trendy spaces.

Attaching multiple elements finished in fine strips of plywood, which have been glued with Velcro on both ends, at different angles, the modern furniture features a flexible design to let users play with their ideas and create various objects. Users can alter the form and dimensions of the objects according to their needs and likings. To strengthen and increase the weight bearing capacity of the objects, you need to fix the elements vertically on each other which keep the whole structure intact for a longer period.

Via: Designboom

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