Green Lamp looks like the sun shining through leaves

Lampshades and indoor plant pots are two basic elements to improve the decor in modern urban apartments. Combining the functions of a lamp and a planter, the Polish product designer Zuzanna Malinowska has presented a unique design that other than illuminating your place also adds greenery to breathe afresh. Dubbed as “Green Lamp,” the lamp and plant pot in one combines the industrial with the organic to create a functional object.

The multifunctional unit features a metal frame, rooted into the planter, which apart from surrounding the light source also supports the plant growing underneath. As the plant grows around the metal frame, it influences the illumination of the lamp and looks like as if sun rays coming through leaves in a tropical forest. The greener aspect of the lamp is further enhanced by the CablePower’s classic green cable. Ideal for living as well as workspaces, the green lamp simply sets the mood with a gentle light shimmering through the natural leaves.

Via: Zuzanna-Malinowska

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