Cozy Mounds shelving unit houses two incandescent globe bulbs in style

Cozy Mounds

Boasting a very original and modern design, the Cozy Mounds wall mounted light shelf unit seems a great way to organize you stuff while illuminating your space. Designed by Robyn Luk, a junior in the Furniture Design Department at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Cozy Mounds is an upshot of study of the potential of design to increase both the physical and emotional qualities of incandescent light. The dedicated space created from woolen material accommodates two globe bulbs, one above the shelf and one underneath.

The materials used to create Cozy Mounds light shelf unit include felt, water-based contact cement, hard maple, stock lighting hardware, incandescent globe bulbs and fabric cord.

Cozy Mounds 1

Cozy Mounds 2

Cozy Mounds 3

Cozy Mounds 4

Cozy Mounds 5

Cheers! Robyn Luk

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