Milan Design Week 2013: Ramus M1 carbon fiber desk by Il Hoon Roh

Ramus M1 Table

Carbon fiber has become a material of choice for many furniture manufacturers and designers owing to its lightweight and durability. Designed by Il Hoon Roh, the Ramus M1 is a table/desk made from carbon fiber that enjoys the structural advantages associated with a tree branch. Ramus (‘tree branch’ in Latin) desk comes with transparent glass top and tree-like limbs below that offer support. The sturdy Ramus Desk/Table is the latest upshot of designer’s continuing study of efficient forms found in nature, a passion to design works with an architectural concept and a natural method that exploits the potential of a material to its fullest.

Other than carbon fiber, the other materials used in the making include precision-engineered aircraft grade aluminum alloy and stainless steel components. The lightweight yet sturdy Ramus was in works for the last two years. To create the carbon fiber desk, Studio Il Hoon Roh collaborated with Italian firm TSI s.r.l. to compute the best overall geometry, UK manufacturing company Penta Patterns for the master pattern and South Korean company Inno Comtech for carbon fiber.

The colors and finishes include carbon fiber with different pattern dimensions, silver carbon and carbon with Kevlar reinforcements. The first module of the Ramus series M1 will be exhibited at Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week 2013.

Ramus M1 Table by Il Hoon Roh 1

Ramus M1 Table by Il Hoon Roh 2

Ramus M1 Table by Il Hoon Roh 3

Ramus M1 Table by Il Hoon Roh 4

Ramus M1 Table by Il Hoon Roh

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