Crunching Numbers coffee table made with retired Macintosh towers

Driven by Design and inspired by Funk, Ryan Orr of Re:form Designs creates one-of-a-kind designs using discarded materials. Their designs aim to offer a perfect blend of form and function. The first product from the house, after a series of experiments and visits to junkyards, is the Crunching Numbers coffee table. The Crunching Numbers coffee table has been made with empty Macintosh computer towers and they are offering two versions. The Crunching Numbers G3 table is handcrafted from obsolete Macintosh G3s and up to 70 percent reclaimed materials. Since the reclaimed materials are of different shapes and sizes, each G3 coffee table enjoys a unique personality. There is no need for excess screws, nails or glues.

Heavy-duty coil suspension springs taken from small trucks or SUVs are used to hold the towers in place. While the standard color is all natural, the interested may ask for custom finishes and other details. On the other hand, Crunching Numbers G4 coffee table is made with old Macintosh G4s and comes in three chassis styles – Slate blue, Quicksilver and Mirror door. Custom options are available for CNG4 table. Pricing for both the Crunching Numbers coffee tables starts at $600.

Via: Re:form Designs

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