Curvaceous Egg Table by Reda Amalou Design

Primarily designed as an outdoor table, the Egg Table by Reda Amalou Design can also be used as a coffee table, a side table or as stool, thanks to its inviting and ingenious design. With smoothed edges and gentle curves, the Egg table has been designed as a “soft” object to be used and felt the same way. The unusually interesting egg shape asks for attention and its functionality as a multipurpose furniture unit makes it even more interesting. The Egg table has been made from recycled hardwood and they have used wood spacers and screws for the assembling. The result is simply stunning, with concentric rings spaced elegantly to make for the curvaceous shape and a flat top.

While the earlier models of Egg table were done with recycled timber, they used lacquer finish for the pieces meant for indoors. Currently, Reda Amalou is working with other shiny finishes like chrome and leather to make the Egg table more lustrous and luxurious.

Via: WAN

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