Customizable Component Bed guarantees perfect sleep every night

The makers of the Component Bed say that it is going to change the mattress industry the way the iPhone changed the mobile phone industry. Comfort is the key when it comes to bedding and the Component Bed by Münami Inc. aims to rethink comfort by catering to your particular sleeping needs every night. The Component Bed is inspired by the philosophy that our mattress must change with our changing lives. It comes with three interchangeable components – Water, Pocket Coil and Memory Foam – which let you have a sleep surface of your liking to suit your needs.

The Canadian engineered patent pending Component Bed also features two sides with adjustable firmness, so that you and your partner can choose the preferred component and adjust the firmness level on the respective sides. The Water and Memory Foam Components are made from hypoallergenic materials, which will help you sleep comfortably during allergy season. Moreover, they ease pressure from the joints to enrich you with a sound, relaxing sleep.

The Pocket Coil and Water Components are great for the summer nights, as they keep the surface cool. On the other hand, the Memory Foam component keeps you warm during the chilly nights. The Component Bed comes with handheld controllers with LCD display that let users save their comfort zone with the touch of a button. You can safely store the components in the closed compartments of the Component Bed.

The complete sleep system package includes the three components, two controllers, embossed mattress top, Air core, box spring and full bed frame. The Component Bed in Queen Size will set you back $2,997.

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