Decorative wall mounted A4 Bio-fireplace by Alessandro Canepa

Designer fireplaces have nowadays become an integral part of modern home interiors. A contemporary fireplace is one of the best ways to heat the things up for a romantic evening, and the stunning A4 Bio-fireplace by Alessandro Canepa Design Studio is no exception. An arresting combination of form and functionality, the A4 fireplace is not just a fireplace, but also a work of art that will make your walls look simply beautiful. The carbon steel plate fixed on to the wall hides the flame beautifully and gives away a sense of elegant design and lightness.

The environmentally friendly A4 bio-fireplace comes with a stainless steel burner. There is no need for a chimney and the fireplace is fueled by ethanol, which produces a gorgeous, clean burning flame to add stylish warmth to your space. The decorative, wall mounted A4 Bio-fireplace by Alessandro Canepa is sure to complement any modern space perfectly.

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