Trice Dishwasher to change your perception of doing dishes

Contemporary dishwashers take a lot of space on your countertop, which often cramps the cooking space in small kitchens. Integrating the dishwasher right into the countertop, alongside the washbasin, Irish designer Rory West has come up with a compact concept called the “Trice” that is sure to change the way we use water and our perception of doing dishes.

Designed in collaboration with James Brady, the new home appliance boasts latest dishwashing technology for a fast, efficient and effective cleaning, and that too without occupying excessive kitchen space. All you need to do is remove the food from the dishes (in an organic bin attached to the left of the dishwasher), deposit them into the designated compartments, close the lid and press the wash button.

Featuring three different washing compartments, i.e. for dishes, cutlery and glassware, to offer maximum efficiency, the revolutionary dishwasher presents a precise wash cycle for each washing area, and clean all the dishware in less than 90 seconds. Ideal for small city apartments, the hi-tech dishwasher not only saves time but water and energy as well.

Sliding the lid elegantly to the left to raise hydraulic trays to the counter level for easy loading and unloading of dishware, the Trice also employs high pressure steam and water jets for efficient cleaning, while integrated LED icons keep the user informed about the wash cycle and water usage.

[Cheers Rory]

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