DIY lightening fixtures with everyday objects for your home

DIY lightening fixtures

There many types of lightning and they all are different and unique from one another, and there are many that you can make at home.Making lightening fixtures with everyday objects for your home gives you the liberty to choose your favorite materials, pattern, design, color and all the other details. There is an endless and huge collection of homemade lightning, ideas on making so many DIY lightening at home. Let’s find out which one suits you.

1. Cupcakecups lightening fixtures

diy Paper cups lightingsPaper cups lightings are one of the creative lighting fixtures you can make at home. These are the cutest homemade lamps you would ever see. It takes a very few minutes to make this craft. You just have to be patient in order to get the perfect craft. All you need some of the objects. Let’s see how to make it. 

Materials needed:-

  • White standard-sized paper cupcake liners
  • petit fours papers
  • White paper lantern- handmade.
  • hot glue gun
  • 1 string cord


  • Take the white paper lantern and place it top up in a wide. Use it as a base.
  • Now take the cupcake liner and put a small spot of glue at the backside of it.
  • Stick it in the lantern starting from the wire ring at the top of the lantern. Press it carefully until it is glued.
  • Continue to stick the paper cup liners in circular bases. Keep in mind that the bases are approximately 1 foot apart. Flip the lantern over and gently place the liners.
  • Complete all the sides covering the cups. Including the outer edges to merge and shape.
  • Now complete the base, and fill in the bottom so that the papers cover its opening also.
  • Apply the petite fours papers, positioning them inside each white paper. Complete all the side. Gently control the outer papers to give the desired shape you want. Some shapes can be given to looking it more interesting.
  • After it gets settled and dries up, plunge a light to brighten up and yes your cute lamp is ready to give a nice décor to your home.

2. Hemp string pendant

DIY lighting fixture projects and ideas are fun to make and these lighting pendants will save you tons which you spend on the costly lamps and light fixtures. This hemp string pendant looks gorgeous and gives you a warm and natural feel when it is lit in your space. You can make it very easily. For this you need.

Materials needed:-

  • Glue
  • Hemp string
  • 16 diameter ball
  • gloves
  • a marker
  • some beautiful lights to lighten up

Method: –

  • First, draw a circle on the ball to represent the portion that should be wrapped by the string.
  • Once the circle is drawn, wear a glove and apply glue on the ball. Just squeeze some part of the glue and spread all over the ball.
  • Now, take the hemp string and starts wrapping the ball all around. Use a random pattern to wrap the ball. Do not get messy and keep the pattern clean. It should cover the ball and look good.
  • Keep in mind to do not touch the circle area as it is later used to connect lights.
  • After it gets completed, let the glue dry for some hours.
  • The final step is to deflate the ball with a needle and remove it from the string lamp. It is as simple as it sounds. And now your lamp is ready. You just have to install the wires and lights. Hang the light bulb in the center of the hem string sphere.

These lamps can be used in your dining area or you can hang it in your living area too. It can make a nice centerpiece for your space.

3. Doily lamps fixtures

Doily lamps fixturesDoily lamps are one of the best ideas for homemade lighting fixtures. With just a few materials,it can be made into a nice piece of decorative items which will brighten your house.These are easy to make and not at all time taking. 

For this you need:-

  • A big balloon
  • some doilies, laces from old fabrics or old table covers made of laces
  • glue
  • a string

How to make:-

  • Blow the balloon and secure it with the string.
  • Use glue and paint the balloon with lots of glue. The laces should stick properly to the balloon.
  • Now soak the lace and put it on the balloon. The laces should stick properly on one after one on each other. Do not keep a space between them. They all should cover the balloon.
  • Now after you complete it, just apply an extra coat of glue once they are done to lock it properly.
  • Let it dry and now burst the balloon, the balloon will come out making a nice round shape to the doilies.
  • The last step is to attach some nice lights inside and your doilies lamps are ready.

Quick tip: -To make it more exciting, use the different colored light inside, you can also use string lights which looks cute too. 

4. DIY Folded Rope Dome Pendant light

Dome lightings is a unique homemade lighting fixtures idea. The folded rope light creates an interesting and very different feel altogether. This looks very diverse from others lighting fixture with its very complex looking pattern, which is not so difficult to make. You just need mod podge hard coat, glue, rope, tape, a big ball, and white spray paint. First, make a pattern of rope by gluing it to a wooden template so that all the size should look the same. Let it gets dry.

Now take a ball and wrap the painter’s tape around the ball to stick the rope. Stick those patterned rope into the ball, do not cover full, you need to have half ball covered. A dome shape light.  For making it stronger, apply coats of mod podge.  Allow it to get dry and remove the ball. Apply white spray paint on it and you are done. This beautiful work can look good in your bedroom. Install a beautiful light and hung it on the ceiling for a brighter effect.

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