DIY Magnetic board ideas to organize your makeup and hair accessories

Hey! It is Friday night already, time to glam up. Here I am, about to start my makeup only to realize that my makeup bag is missing some of the most important items that I wanted to use. I am sure that each and every girl out there has found herself stuck in such a messy situation. Good news is that I have finally found a solution that will help you organize your makeup bag. The DIY solution that I stumbled upon is so easy that it will not only help you keep your items organized but will also save you plenty of time. Also, it is inexpensive and is not at all time consuming. In no time, your makeup kit will go from being messy to looking beyond stylish.

Tools required:

Magnetic sheet, picture frame, few magnets, strong glue, adhesives and fabric. All of these can be easily found at your nearest hardware stores.


Step 1: The size of your magnetic metal sheet should be consistent with the picture frame. You can choose the size as per your preference. See to it that the metal sheet fits perfectly under the frame. Picture frame can be of any color. You can also paint it yourself if you want. The fabric to be used can also be of your favorite color.

Step 2: Measure the size of the metal sheet and cut the fabric accordingly. Once you cut the fabric as per the metal sheet, pull out that glue gun and start gluing the fabric on the metal sheet. While doing so, make sure that the fabric is properly pulled around the metal sheet. Now use the duct tape for securing the frame on the metal sheet that has got fabric glued over it.

Step 3: You can now place your makeup over the frame and start arranging it the way you want. Once you are done arranging, take those magnets and start gluing them at the back as per the arranged makeup. These can always be moved. And here you are with your very own makeup kit.

Home remedies for organizing your makeup:

If you don’t want to spend time working on the above DIY activity, here are also ways of making use the stuff which is available at home to help you organize your makeup.

Start by using those small mint candy containers. They can help you keep those tiny pins organized at one place. Because of the small size, you can simply put them in your purse or the makeup kit when you are traveling.

Make the most of the tin cans lying around. Those can easily accommodate your hairbrushes, headbands, comb and other hair grooming stuff that you need in your makeup kit.

Shower curtain ring is the perfect accessory for holding your elastic bands and headbands.

Egg cartons can very well hold a variety of makeup accessories.

It is just the matter of you unleashing your creative side to make the most of whatever is lying around. Use ribbons to hold headbands and hang it inside the closet. If done neatly, it will look very presentable and will act as a decorative. One can never ever go wrong when it comes to jars and drawer trays.

Organizing had never been easier. All you need is a planned approach. Make a list of the things that you need and get going. Focus on how you want your kit to look like and start working towards it.  There are plenty of shops out there selling the stuff that you need at a very reasonable price.

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