Unique ways to decorate narrow hallways of your house

Hallways can often be very dull and boring. Sometimes, the lack of light is also another reason why many people do not prefer hallways. When you have narrow hallways, there are so many ways that you can use this space. The misconception that many people have is that there are limitations with such spaces.

Decorating a narrow hallway is very simple if you do it smartly. The best thing about such a hallway is that you have various options to enhance the beauty and look of the space. If you are wise, you can utilize this space effectively to suit your needs. Here are a few decorating ideas you can consider for your hallway.

Spice up your hallway with a Gallery wall

If you are a person, who loves art, then using your hallway for your passion is a good idea. Since you have the benefit of wall space, you can hang your favorite art collections. You can also consider using this space to hang your precious family moments or even artworks of your children.

Make it a hall of books

People who have a collection of books can use the narrow hallway to display their collection. The walls can be converted into bookshelves instead of having a cabinet in any particular room. This will help to save space as well as utilize the hallway for something useful.  If you want to personalize this space, you can make a small and comfortable seating arrangement.

Make some extra storage space

Instead of just letting the walls be the way they are, you can consider utilizing them to build extra storage space. To give it a classic and elegant finish, you can also have sliding doors instead of the regular door cabinets. If you want, you can also choose to have cabinets that fit within the wall itself instead of the hanging ones .

Wall hangings and other decorative items

Another way to accessorize narrow hallways is by placing different kinds of wall hangings or decorative items. If you do not want to go for wooden shelves, you can consider glass shelves and plan the layout wisely. Along with glass shelves, you can also consider some nice racks to store your magazines. Adding a few pots of indoor plants or artificial flowers can also be a good idea.  This is a perfect and economical way to decorate such a space.

Contrasting shades with textured effects

Textured walls have their own beauty. With a long and narrow hallway, you can be very creative by opting for textured effects on the wall. One of the best ways to go on this front would be to choose a solid colored base with contrasting or blending colors for the texture effect. Another way to play with such a concept would be to go from dark to light either from one side of the wall to another or from the floor to the ceiling.

Make a decorative false ceiling with arches

False ceilings have become a very popular trend. These sorts of ceilings allow a person to get a nice design and transform their homes beautifully. You can also consider putting arches on the beginning and end of the hallway. This will give a royal look to your hallway and enhance the space perfectly.

Bring in some special lighting

Adding lighting to any place in the house is a good idea. Be innovative in this front and choose lighting fixtures go well with the color scheme of the hallway. You can also consider multicolored lights to bring in a colorful effect in the space. If you have paintings or artwork hanging, then using spotlights will be a perfect option.

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