Dizzy side table flaunts an irregular yet interesting design

The beautiful Dizzy side table by Vicky Gilbert of United Kingdom is an upshot of designer’s own experience in the snow clad mountains when he went skiing in France. When the snow starts melting, parts of rocks, trees and roots start to appear, and the same served as inspiration for the Dizzy side table. To create the eye-catching table with stunning silhouette, Vicky Dilbert blended glossy plastic with distinctive brown Oak to add a tinge of contrast in color, feel and warmth. The irregular yet appealing shape of the table is courtesy of a wire frame and a vacuum former. The unusual shape created itself by the material, as the frame is stretched through the plastic.

The Dizzy has been made using locally grown wood, and was designed around the idea that the vacuum formed panels would be left as a whole with the vacuum formed frame edge, thereby reducing the building time and production waste.

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