Eastpak Sofa has plenty of pockets to store all your extra stuff

Perfect for urban apartments where space comes at a premium, the Eastpak Sofa is a unique combination of backpack and couch that lets you store all your extra stuff in its pockets that are almost everywhere on it. An upshot of collaboration between Eastpak and Belgian design firm Quinze & Milan, the Club Sofa 01 enjoys backpack details and has pockets in different sizes to store your books, keys, magazines, tablet, iPod, remote controls and other home accessories that create clutter if not stored properly.

The Eastpak sofa is made from rigid polyurethane foam and Cordura for high durability. Available in red and black, the Eastpak Backpack Sofa will set you back €1,639 (around $2,050). That’s bit expensive, but its usage undoubtedly compensate for the same.

Via: OhGizmo/Gizmag

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