Edwin, a fully repairable and sustainable electric fruit squeezer

Contemporary home appliances featuring latest technologies may have changed the way we used to do our household tasks. However, they too have their limitations, as they come with an expiry date and the inclusion of complex technology makes them virtually impossible to repair or recycle, threatening the eco system with huge piles of electronic waste. Addressing the issue, designer Natalia Coll Rodilla has come up with an electric fruit squeezer named the “Edwin” that apart from being functional also helps in sustaining the eco system.

Designed to produce everlasting electronic domestics, the new fruit squeezer by the Spanish designer is fully repairable and sustainable. Made using natural and sustainable materials, like wood and ceramics, the new appliance maintains basic geometric shapes, which makes it environmentally neutral and adaptable. Presenting an ergonomic design, the Edwin lets you squeeze and enjoy fresh fruit juice with minimum fuss. In addition, the simple and repairable design makes it durable while being sustainable. Moreover, users can dispose different components of the squeezer separately for easy recycling.

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