Enjoy the beauty of the sun and nature through your very own sunroom

A sunroom lets you soak up in the sun indoors. You can sit in it for hours with your family and friends enjoying the beauty of nature outside while you have all the protection from the elements. Your kids can play in the sun, while being safe and secure inside. You too would get the vitamin D necessary to keep you healthy. Sunrooms are great for cold winter days as you can stay inside protected from the cold, but still enjoy the warmth of the sun. You can design your sunroom in any style to look sophisticated and beautiful. You can set up your music system and listen to your favorite music, while basking in the sunlight and reading your favorite books. Here’s how you can design your own sunroom.

Sunroom windows

Sunroom windows are its most important feature. Floor to ceiling glass windows would allow the most sunlight to come through. The function of the sunroom is to have plenty of natural light, as well as to give a good view of the outdoors. Thus, large windows allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature while sitting inside your home.

The glass can be single or double pane with a blue or bronze tint, if you like tinted glass. There is a huge variety of glass you can choose from, depending on your budget, but be sure to choose a sturdy one. Treated windows reduce and control the light in the sunroom, and help to keep temperatures down in hot weather. This can also reduce your cost of air conditioning the room. You could invest in some bamboo or wood blinds, to provide some shade when the sun is too strong.

Aluminum display rolling panels help to keep out any pests, and create a screened deck feel. Polypropylene window stripping is also crucial to shut out rain and to protect your sunroom from incoming drafts.

Sunroom floor

Another important design element is the sunroom floor. Usually floor tiles are used as they do not easily fade and are easy to clean. You can also put in hardwood floors which add a elegant charm to the room. Another idea is to use floor tiles after covering them with a weatherproof rugged carpet or rug. It would also add finesse to your sunroom. Besides children can play on the carpet even in cold weather.

The ceiling

Sunroom ceilings can be gabled glass ceiling, sloped and gabled insulated glass ceiling. These glass panels would allow light to come in through the ceiling. Wood can also be used to construct the roof, which is low maintenance and attractive too.

Sunroom furniture


Vintage style

Combining modern and vintage furniture and décor items will create a charming vintage look. A comfortable sofa, rocking chairs, vintage bookshelf, all these add to the vintage look. You can choose the furniture according to the look you want.

Rattan furniture

Rattan or cane furniture seems to suit sunrooms quite well. They can withstand strong sunlight too, and last for years. A few strategically placed side tables will give you a place to keep your tea or coffee cups. You can paint your rattan furniture in white too, which will make it last longer.

Sunroom paint colors

Sunroom walls can be painted in bright colors such as yellow, creating a cheery ambience. White and beige are also popular choices for sunrooms and they make the room look spacious. Green shades suit sunroom walls. A completely wooden finish or red wooden walls will add a distinctive look to your sunroom.

Sunroom décor ideas

Lounge chairs and potted plants, blinds or curtains which match the furniture, are some décor ideas you can incorporate. Sunrooms are usually sparely decorated with comfortable, attractive and functional furniture, which becomes the focal point of the room. Depending on the size of your sunroom, you can choose to decorate it according to your personal taste.

Many sunrooms are basically walled in patios, but you can have an open patio as well as an enclosed sunroom to enjoy the sun, when it’s too hot or too cold outdoors. They are not very expensive extensions to your home, but they do add value to your home.

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