Essential Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel Expensive

Essential Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel Expensive

Renovating your bathroom to look and feel as luxurious as possible need not be expensive. You can do several things to ensure that the area looks and feels good without breaking the bank. For example, you could replace a few things, DIY a few features, and ask a professional to install better fittings.

Creating a spa-like experience right in your home would be a worthwhile investment. Not only will you enjoy the added features, but it will also increase the property’s value should you choose to resell it. You must consider several things to ensure everything fits perfectly with your aesthetic. It wouldn’t do if your bathrooms clashed with the rest of the house.

Here are a few tips for consideration.

1. Upgrade the amenities

While you can install a shower cabin, replace the shower heads with waterfall or handheld type heads, or increase the privacy with films. One of the best ways to update your bathroom is to install a whirlpool bath. This will make your area feel more luxurious as it will provide a spa-like experience whenever you use it.

2. Install a floating vanity 

Another way to make your bathroom feel more luxurious is to install a floating vanity. It will free up the space between the floor and the bottom of the cabinet, and with LED strips tracing the edges along the wall, you can also increase the illumination and the aesthetics.

3. Replace the cabinet pulls and knobs

Depending on the cabinetry, you can choose to replace the cabinet knobs and pulls to make them pop. You could choose a metallic finish to accentuate wooden finishes or do the reverse. Such simple things will ensure that the furniture would look better than before.

4. Change the colour palette

You could choose a clean, light-coloured paint scheme to reflect light much better, or you could do one better with a high-gloss dark-coloured paint to reflect what little light there is and accentuate the area. Don’t mix and match colours as they may clash and create a different effect than envisioned.

5. Update the trim 

Another simple way to make your cabinetry pop is to update the trim on them. For example, if your cabinets and walls are dark, try using a light trim and do the reverse if you have a light-coloured scheme. The contrast will go well aesthetically and will accentuate the edges properly.

6. Use wallpaper

Go against traditional tiles and use bold patterned wallpaper for your walls. This will change the aesthetics significantly, and you can have a unique bathroom. In addition, you can transition from one part of the bathroom to another with wallpaper and tiles to delineate the areas’ functions.

7. Replace boring light fixtures 

A surefire way to a more luxurious bathroom is replacing the light fixtures. Instead of bulbs, try using pin or drop lights, LED strips or a small chandelier to illuminate the area. You can also use sconce lamps for the walls for better lighting.


There are several ways to convert your dull bathroom into a luxurious area. However, you need to incorporate a few things to improve the aesthetics and feel of the space.

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