Faux Finish ideas to make the bare walls of your home glamorous


Are you on a lookout for something that can give the bare walls of your home an entirely different and spectacular look? If yes, then try the faux finish art this time. Faux finishing is a painting style that gives bare walls an artificial appearance that resembles metal or wood. The faux finish look is amazing and adds a charisma and distinction to bare walls of a room. If you are up for this unique style of painting walls, then following are some tips that will enable you to make your DIY faux finish art project even more unique and stylish.

Take inspiration from fabrics and materials you like

Many wall painting techniques take inspiration from the texture and look of various fabrics. You can take into consideration the fabrics and the texture you like, be it the smooth feeling of silk and suede, or the rough touch of sea grass and burlap. Once you decide the design type, do a small patch. If it goes well, you can continue to paint the entire wall.

Do not miss to give the ceiling a gorgeous faux finish

The fifth wall of a room, the ceiling, is a very good place to apply faux finish technique, but majority of people tend to ignore ceiling and leave it as it is in its boring white or off-white color. You do not miss the ceiling, as it looks amazing with the gorgeous faux finish. Take all precautions to complete your project safely.

Use faux finish to give some part of your modern home an old feel

People living in a home have different tastes and preferences, like some members love the ultra-modern look in their homes while the other members love to have some Mediterranean feel in the rooms. In such a case, if you use different techniques of faux finish like the graining, sponging, distressing, and layering on the walls of a room, it can give the walls a very nice aged look.

Marbleizing columns and other architectural pieces

If you find the marble to be too expensive but you like the vein design of marbles to be a part of your home interiors then use the faux finish technique. It has a technique called marbleizing that creates the same vein design as you find in a marble with a help of paint and a brush. This technique of faux finish can give the columns and other architectural details in your home a look of a marble at a reasonable price.

Use Leather and suede faux finish for that ultra luxe look

Suede and leather faux finish makes the walls more glamorous. Visit paint stores and buy DIY kits that help you give your walls that ultimate look. Leather and suede faux finish makes the interiors very rich and authentic.

To give your room a rustic look, use plaster

There was a time when plaster used to be a very good choice for the interior walls in many American and European homes, and some of them even follow the trend today. Plaster makes the walls durable and gives a nice rustic look. Use plaster faux finish with special primer paint and give a rustic appeal to the interior walls, you can cover the electrical plates and switches also.

Faux finish for outdoors

All of us spend a great deal of time to choose the best color for the outer walls of our home but rarely we take interest to paint spaces like the patio, the terrace, or deck to make them more glamorous. Now onwards, choose from many faux finish techniques the best that you think can make your patio or the terrace as good to see as your interior walls do.


The faux finish is in fashion. There is a lot you could do with the faux finish, and get a fresh new look for your interiors. But then again, the faux finish is a great place for the exteriors as well.

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