Inspirational Ideas to Convert Home Decor into Wedding Décor

Displaying lanterns on the front steps

Weddings do not necessarily need to be extravagant affairs and you need not to shell out huge amounts of money on the décor. You can repurpose home décor items in plenty of ways for your wedding for a creative and unique wedding décor theme. Here are some inspirational ideas from Lulu & Georgia founder Sara Sugarman’s Los Angeles marriage.


Most of us use lanterns in our homes to illuminate spaces as well as add warmth to a room. Displaying lanterns on the front steps or in a hearth in your home would enable you to illuminate these areas nicely for visitors.

In a wedding, you can repurpose these lanterns and use them on the cocktail or dinner tables to lend a magical glow. Better yet, you can line them along the aisle for a truly wondrous effect.


No sofa or armchair in the home is complete without at least a couple of colorful pillows decorating it. You can use bright pillows to add a creative element to the surroundings without putting too much effort into the process as well.

If it is your wedding, you can opt to place these pillows on dining chairs to give them creative colorful accents. You can also plop them on a hanging rattan chair or a hammock for a laidback, tropical wedding décor.


Similar to pillows, you can also use poufs in random places around your house to rest your feet. They are also great additions to nursery rooms and perfect seats for moms, as they watch their babies play. If you want to use poufs in your wedding, you can consider scattering them around the lounge or cocktail area for the guests to sit, while sipping their cocktails or chatting with friends.


Rugs give that quintessential warmth to your home and are the perfect centerpieces for rooms. A bright colored rug can give your room a new style and vibrancy altogether.

Do you fancy using rugs in your wedding? Well, you can do so with minimal effort. Simply place colorful, bright patterned rugs down the aisle as runners. They would add immediate color and character to the space.


Pedestals are great places in your home to rest candles and books on. They help draw attention to the area you place them.

If you want to consider using pedestals in your wedding, opt to place a few around dinner tables, cocktail tables and other places where family and friends gather. Place some exotic flower arrangements on them or simply serve to use them as tables to keep drinks and small tidbits on.


A vase can be a great way to decorate an otherwise dull corner. Simply place a statement vase with some flowers in the corner and you will have a unique décor.

When using vases in weddings, make sure you place them as centerpieces on dining or cocktail tables to achieve a simple and yet modernistic appeal. Use vases with striking designs and patterns that captivate the viewer’s attention.

Unique Accessories

Surely, you would have some unique accessories in your home that symbolize your personality and highlight your interests. You can place them on end tables or bookshelves to add more spunk to the area.

You can use these personal accessories in your wedding as well. Consider throwing subtle hints of your personality and interests to the guests with these accessories placed on strategic places in the venue. For instance, if you love to own a dog, nothing would highlight this fact more than simply placing a replica of your favorite breed on the cocktail tables or on the wedding cake.


Who says home décor items cannot be used anywhere outside the home? These fantastic wedding décor ideas using home décor items would surely help you plan your own personalized wedding to perfection. So start rummaging around your house for interesting décor items you can use in your wedding today.

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