After a hectic schedule of your busy day life, you get sound sleep with the help of your pillow so it’s important to select the best one. Every pillow filling explains its style. Based on the quantity and pillow filling used, your pillow can be different and well suited to your desires. Single pillow filling doesn’t suit everyone and the inappropriate filling can cause neck pain, headache and might be some other issues. Each pillow type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s totally your choice to choose the appropriate one.

There is an unlimited variety of pillow filling available today. Below are some common types of pillows that you can choose from.


  • Down Filling: Although down pillows are bit expensive, no other pillow will give you a soft feel and luxurious appeal as a down pillow. Down pillows contain a collection of fibers and they are known for being cool & dry, lightweight, long-lasting, and cater to perfect support. Down pillows are very comfortable to use and also give spectacular results when it comes to easy breathability. The Higher quality of down filling generally known as European White goose down and it comes from birds like a goose or duck. While choosing down pillow you must consider some other aspects like, if you are allergy sufferer then it will not be an ideal choice unless the down has been manufactured well.
  • Memory Foam Filling: As we all know there are many options of pillow available in the market and online for us to choose from and one of them is Memory Foam pillow which is designed to provide excellent spinal and neck support. The technology used in Memory foam was established by NASA, so you can estimate that these pillows are a little bit expensive but will be worth buying for excellent benefits. Memory Foam pillow consists of rare products that vary with our body temperature and fit a unique shape. Memory Foam pillows are malleable, durable, soft and soothing but because of its soft filling, it doesn’t raise your head high enough. 


  • Buckwheat Hulls Filling: These pillows are tough and still moldable and breathable that makes them an ideal choice. These pillows are made up of buckwheat hulls which means the hard outer shell that safeguards the buckwheat seed. Buckwheat Hulls have a range of qualities that are useful for comfortable bedding. They will perfectly conform to the shape of your neck and head. They promotes airflow keeping you cool as well as it has long life-span. These are getting more popular but these pillows are heavy as compared to other pillows and its hulls create a rustling noise when shifted.
  • Water Filling: As the name suggests, these pillows are filled with water. One of the positive impacts of Water Filled pillow is that they maintain the consistency level under the pressure applied to them as compared to other pillow fillings. These pillows have ranked best of all other pillows in a clinical research and some people claim that these pillows help to relieve neck and back pain. People who are suffering from orthopedic then these pillows are a protector for them. They helps to sore the back and neck as well but you must regulate the water level in them so that you can enjoy its height and firmness. Their water filling also keeps your head and neck cool too, but these pillows are not for everyone and it won’t long last as other pillows.

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