Latest innovations in kitchen appliances that will simplify your life

Today technology has simplified our lives drastically. If you look at how things are today, no doubt, you can easily see how much technology has made a difference for us. Even the simplest gadgets have become hi-tech.  If you look at the various products in the market, you will find that they come with a variety of features and services.

Home automation and IoT plays a vital role

The concept of home automation and IoT has converted a simple home into a smart one. With the new era of products hitting the market shelves, we have a variety of home products to choose from. What makes it more interesting is the fact that every now and then a new and upgraded version is released. Most of them even come with the additional feature of a companion app so that you can control the gadget or appliance even when you are not around.

The Wi-Fi Oven

When you blend the traditional oven and equip it with the latest technology, you will find the most amazing results. This is the same thing that is applicable with the new Wi-Fi Oven. Through this oven, you can not only bake all your favorite dishes, but you can even control the oven when you are not close by. This is all thanks to the Wi-Fi feature that is enabled in the oven. Through this feature, you can use your smartphone to control the various functions of the oven. This also includes altering the temperature, pre-heating the oven etc.

A fridge cam/ LCD refrigerator

The new age refrigerator is a real good investment to consider.  When we go for grocery shopping we often end up getting things that we already have. And sometimes, even if we make a list, we tend to miss out on some essential things. The Fridge cam or any of the latest home automated refrigerator range is equipped with a special camera that gives you access your refrigerator even if you are not at home. With the help of the companion app you can easy connect to the fridge and check out what you need to buy. Apart from that, you can also check out if the food stored in the fridge is good or not.

3D Printer for food art

3D Technology has made its mark in various ways. Today, you have speciality printers which allow you to take your food art to a whole new level. Thru the printer you can print designs for the icing of the cake, coffee or cappuccino art and even rent out some of your favourite desert designs to give your dish a professional finish.

Food Recycler

Now you never have to worry about your food scarps polluting the environment if you have the food recycler with you. Through this recycle machine, you can easily take care of any food waste at your home itself. This is a perfect addition if you want to make a difference to the environment in your own way. This is a user-friendly machine that you can have right under the sink. All you need to do is just put all the food scraps inside it and let it do it’s job.

Wi-Fi Coffee machine

There is nothing better than to start your day with a nice cup of coffee. However, when you are running late, even the 5 minutes that you spend while your coffee brews can seem like a long time. With the Wi-Fi enabled coffee machine, you can save your early morning time. Even before you enter the kitchen, your coffee is ready for you. All you have to do is start the machine through your smartphone while you get ready for work. This is also a good option for people who keep on drinking their favorite drink throughout the day.

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