Five creative designs made using corks to decorate your home


Some of us like to save corks obtained from old and used wine bottles. If you like to do so as well, then there are some really creative ways in which you can reuse these corks in various decorations items around the house, instead of just stacking them up in a box or container.

Wall Decorations

Put together a couple of corks to get these amazing wall decorations that double as places where you can pin self-reminders, photos and messages etc. Paint the corks in vivid colors for creativity and experiment with different patterns to make them stand out. Some of the more creative cork wall decorations we have come across recently include the one shaped like a heart and the one shaped like a chevron.


If you are looking to give your dinner table an eco-chic look, then place a cork vase with some flowers at selected places along the table and you are well on your way to achieving it. You can also use these cork vases as pencil or utility holders. Consider arranging the corks around some candles on the dining table, if you have time to decorate it.

World Map

We absolutely love this creative world map made entirely of used corks. You can affix this world map to a wall or study board and use it for your studies. Pin select geographical locations on the map to represent the places you have traveled to or are interested in traveling to. Definitely a must have for the avid traveler we say.


These DIY coasters are made of corks and can give that rustic appeal to the dinner or coffee table in a jiffy. They can also protect your table top from unwanted scratches made by glasses and kitchenware. Opt for a two toned design that would make the corks look multi-dimensional.


You can also use corks to make attractive picture frames. Fix the corks along the length and breadth of an existing frame to make it look rustic and beautiful. Alternatively, you can also make your own frames with used corks by gluing them together to form interesting shapes and designs.


You can reuse corks from old wine bottles lying around the house in various creative ways. You may also utilize the designs mentioned in this article as inspiration to come up with creative ideas of your own.

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