Five unique multifunctional beds that bends to needs of the user


Not all of us are blessed with giant apartments or big houses. Many have to live in small and cramped apartments. The modern furniture has to be both multifunctional and modular, so that it fits in a small space and can be used in more than one way. One piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space is the bed. Thankfully now there are many affordable multifunctional beds available in the market that will complement any small space. These modern and modular beds are very flexible. Most of these new age beds can be used as storage place and offers great comfort. In this article, you will get useful information on five unique multifunctional and modular beds that you would love to purchase.

Scoop beds:

The reputed furniture makers Saba Italia has created a unique modular bed named The Scoop. You can divide it into two half-moon shaped sofas by pulling the midsection. During the day time pull out the twin sofas for sitting and working and at night join the two half moon sofas to make a round shaped lovely bed. Guido Rosati has designed has created this concept modular and multifunctional bed for people who have to live in a single room.

High Tech iLight Bed:

Hollandia International has created the beautiful and addictive iLight beds. The motto of the makers is to make one so comfortable that they won’t like to leave the bed. The bed comes with movable headboards and LED backlights. There are also amplifiers for the music lovers attached with the bed. The LED lights can change their color according your wish and the best comes with super comfy mattress and blankets.

Bo Concept Hydraulic Storage Bed:        

The Hydraulic storage Bed is a very convenient concept of multifunctional bed created by Bo Concept. In small sized rooms there is always a scarcity of space for storing things. With the help of the hydraulic flip up technique you can lift the bed to open the spacious storage space.

Stacked Sleeper Bed:

The famous James Park Association has revealed their unique design of Stacker Sleeper Beds. It is a cost effective yet very comfortable modular bed that can turn into a seat in a jiffy.

Bookcase bed:

The unique design by Karen Babel includes medium sized book storing wall units and designed mattresses. You can pull up the bed during the daytime to make it look like a decorated bookcase.


The new age modular beds can be used for more than one purpose. They are very comfy and flexible and save a lot of space.

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