Flatpack Architectural Fire Feature promises warm, romantic evenings

There is no better thing than a fireplace to add warmth, style and difference to any home interior. While the winters are yet to come, but we couldn’t manage to ignore this stunning fire feature. An upshot of over one year of design, testing and prototyping, the Flatpack Architectural Fire Feature is the newest entrant into family of architecturally inspired designs from John T. Unger, who is renowned for his Sculptural Firebowls. Designed to interact with light and shadow, the Victorian Flatpack Fire Feature is easy to set up without the need for any tools or hardware. While it ships with propane, the interested can custom order the fire feature with natural gas at no extra cost.

While the interior of the Flatpack Architectural Fire Feature makes for a warm orange glow, the exterior is lit from behind in silhouette. The beautiful, dancing flames of the fire feature project eye-catching shadows that are sure to create a warm, relaxing and romantic ambiance around it. Even when you are not using the fire feature, you could place it anywhere as a magnificent outdoor sculpture that will enrich your eyes with sunrays passing through it.

The Flatpack Architectural Fire Feature enjoys a patent-pending design and is made from hardwearing stainless steel and will retain its beauty for a long time. You can use the fire feature safely on wood or Trex decks without any combustion concerns. The design of Fire Feature is inspired by Victorian ironwork and John T. Unger says that the future models will be based on other   architectural patterns like Art Deco, Modernist and Prairie Style.

Each Flatpack Architectural Fire Feature by John T. Unger bears the artist’s signature and comes with a certificate of authenticity for $3,000.

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