Flexible Flowerpot ships flat, transforms into vessel shape when needed

We have seen some pretty nice and functional concepts in indoor gardening to date. Considering the size and weight of the regular flowerpots, bulk transportation could create a few problems. Deisgned by Wang Fan, Li Yi Fan, Zhou Hong Ru, He Yi and Wan Jun Yang, the Flexible Flowerpot addresses this issue effectively, as it can be shipped flat and converted into a flowerpot shape when needed. The Flexible Flowerpot comprises of soft and hard components. While the hard elements, which are biodegradable organic materials, support the pot structure, the soft part is made with waterproof cloth.

Users can easily create the flowerpot shape with the help of an internal drawstring. A Red Dot design award winner, Flexible Flowerpot can be stored easily when not in use and the moment you wish to grow some new plants, you can use it without any hassles.

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