Flexible and Highly Useful Dining Tables for Compact Homes

The Pi Workstation

The world had transformed into a shrunken global village due to highly advanced technologies and ever-growing population. As a result, there is hardly any space in cities and people are forced to live in small apartments, which at times become difficult for larger families. To make the best use of space in small houses, multipurpose furniture plays a very critical role. Given below is a list of best and versatile dining tables that can provide you with multiple benefits.

The Pi Workstation:

The Pi workstation is a real multi-tasker and can serve as a desk, a chair combo and a dining table, and it looks attractive too. It is a 3-in-1 combo with two shelves to keep books. On removing the books from one end, it gets transformed into a comfy chair and by excluding the book shelf beneath, you are left with a beautiful dining table, all set for a romantic dinner date.

The Scorby SM101 Dining Table:

The Skorby SM101 is an entire range of foldable and multipurpose wooded dining tables especially designed for small homes and apartments. The most striking features of this furniture include –

  • Dual fold out table tops,
  • Heat resistant and reversible center piece made from stainless steel and
  • Pull out storage shelf to tuck away your glasses, dishes and casters.

The range includes table in different shapes such as round, square and rectangle.

The 5PC Multipurpose Dining Table:

This is yet another multi-functional dining table, which serves as a gaming table too. The table is painted with a dark shade, which makes it appear stylish and is complemented with wide padded cushions and vinyl upholstery that resembles sturdy forest green leather. The set is inclusive of pool sticks and balls to have a bash after dining.

HAN’s Designs’ Multipurpose Dining Table:

This highly versatile dining table created by HAN’s Designs can be inter-converted to serve as a shelf, a desk and a bed. It is available in two highly elegant shades of white and red and is accessorized with cushion-topped cubes to provide the users extra style and comfort. It is designed to complement any kind of home décor to enhance its visual appeal.

The Flap Table Luxury Gold Dining/Pool Table:

This gaming cum dining table from Koralturk boasts some attractive and highly sophisticated features. The premium MDF body, along with the gold leaf covering, provides an alluring finish and sparkling looks to the table. The table is provided with adjustable balancing support system for you to enjoy an uninterrupted game and a pleasant eating time with friends and family.


Multipurpose furniture can work wonders to make a small space functional. All these stylish and chic dining table designs are perfect for small living spaces.

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