Simple Tips to Decorate the Space around an Air Conditioner

ac Under a Window

When it comes to decorating homes, a common problem these days is to find ways to camouflage the air conditioner or heater installed in the rooms conveniently. If you were unfortunate to have these systems jutting out about the house at random intervals, you would know how tough the decoration around these units is without blocking their view. Not to worry though, for you can decorate the space around the air conditioner or heater without hindering its function in any way. You can choose to follow these tips by ace interior designers around the world for your home or take them as inspirations to create your own unique décor ideas for the space. Whatever décor idea you choose, just consider the time or span you plan to live in the current home.

Short Term Décor Ideas

In case you would be staying in the current home for only a short period, you can do nothing about moving the air conditioning unit to another area of the house. Alternatively, you can opt to move your eye away from it by adding some subtle décor items around it.

Under a Window:

If the air conditioning unit were right beneath a window, you would have nothing to worry about camouflaging it. Opt for customized window treatments in the form of long hems or a bamboo roman shade to create a design statement. Place upholstered armchairs right next to the window and place a skirted table between or beneath the window. This way, you would be able to block the view of the air conditioner successfully without necessarily blocking the entire window.

Under a Blank Wall:

If the air conditioning unit is located against a blank wall, you can opt for the same décor idea as above, minus the window treatments. In this case, you can opt to hang some interesting art pieces on the wall to divert the attention from the air conditioning unit. You can opt for chairs and table or simply prop a beanbag in front of the air conditioning unit, so that it remains hidden from everyone’s view.

Long Term Décor Ideas

If you plan to stay in the current house for a longer period, then you have some better options in store for you. Consider talking to a local cabinetmaker or contractor to design either a store cabinet or a window seat in front of the air conditioner. In either case, you need to be particular about hiding the view of the air conditioning unit without disrupting its function in any way. A window seat that incorporates the air conditioner into the base of the seat would be a great option. You can also use grille or lattice work as the basic structure to get good air circulation even after hiding the unit. Using standard window treatments (if there is a window above the unit) would then create a very effective camouflage for the air conditioner while allowing you to enjoy its cool air without any hindrances.

You can also consider investing a sizeable amount of money for these changes. Any décor idea you incorporate into your living situation would reward you well later on. So, always opt for serious and declarative design statements instead of choosing half-baked ideas, which when executed do not work well. Adding creative flair to your house would also help minimize its flaws largely. So consider decorating it with innovative and stylish décor items, which would help draw the attention away from the minuses, including the neatly hidden air conditioning unit.


Decorating the space around an air conditioning unit is not always an easy task. However, you can use these ideas to transform the dull, lifeless area into a vibrant, air-conditioned retreat for your pastime.

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