Flötotto develops ADD furniture system featuring an intelligent joint design

ADD furniture by Flötotto

The need for modular furniture units is increasing fast to meet the needs of people living in space-crunched apartments. Developed by Flötotto, in collaboration with designer Werner Aisslinger, the new ADD System Furniture flaunts an intelligent joint design that makes it modular and highly functional for homes with limited space. The plastic node joins the timber profiles to form a structural frame, which makes the joint invisible from outside and it offers an easy installation technique where the nodes feature fasteners that connect perfectly and easily to elements such as front, side and back panels.

Users can modify and extend the ADD furniture to fit their needs.  The modular furniture system by Flötotto and Studio Aisslinger is available in a range of colors and comes with self-contained units that can be used and arranged to create your very own piece of furniture. Since the lengths, depths and widths of individual modules connect seamlessly, ADD makes for a number of configurations and offers the advantages of a sophisticated system.

ADD furniture by Flötotto 1

ADD furniture by Flötotto 2

ADD furniture by Flötotto 3

ADD furniture by Flötotto 4

ADD furniture by Flötotto 5

ADD furniture by Flötotto 6

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