Frame, a modular furniture unit with a wheelbarrow

People keep changing their home interior and move furniture from one room to the other very frequently, but shifting bulky furniture on your own even within the home is a tiresome task and requires a lot of physically strength. Addressing the issue, Malaysian designer Ryan Cheah has come up with a multifunctional furniture unit dubbed the “Frame” that integrates a wheelbarrow, so you could move it from one place to another with ease.

Essentially a three person bench, the Frame can easily be moved within the home or even placed in the garden to seat your guests.  Featuring an empty frame or structure, the modular furniture unit can be modified to meet the altering needs of different users. Apart from being a seat or bench, the Frame can also be transformed into a workstation, small open wardrobe, bookshelf or even a TV stand. You cannot expect more than that from a single furniture unit.

Via: Ryan Cheah

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